Global Leadership Summit

GLS 2023


The Future of Leadership is Trust
Fostering a Culture of Reinvention
Beyond Communication
Harnessing the Power of Atomic Habits
Leading the Chosen
Courageous Leadership
Leveling Up

Welcome to the Global Leadership Summit!

We're so glad you could join us today. Please use Second Screen as your companion to the big screen experience, and explore the resources that accompany each session. You can find out more about the speakers, and replay the session for a week afterwards. Most importantly let us know your feedback on each session as you go along!

Please also take the time to meet and share with the other leaders around you. The summit is a time to get inspiration and make connections with everyone in the room. Remember, when the leader gets better, everyone benefits!

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Share your story

As part of building the buzz for the Summit season in the UK, we'll be asking for videos and quotes about what the Summit means for you. If you've been inspired today please take a moment to send us a short video or voice note by Whatsapp!

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Experience inspiration all year round with access to GLS+ Your delegate ticket includes free access to additional sessions from GLS2023, released online each month. We'll email you with updates!

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Host your own Summit

If you want to share today with others, why not host your own 2023 Global Leadership Summit? GLN UK can support you in organising a summit your location, or provide the resources for you to run an internal event for your organisation.

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Support GLN UK&I

The Global Leadership Network is a registered charity, and we rely on our supporters to let us inspire and equip world-class leadership. You can find out more about how to partner with us through our Stewardship account.

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Want to reach out directly?

We would love to hear your voice notes, video feedback or extra feedback on any aspect of the summit.

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