Global Leadership Network

UK and Ireland

Whether you’re a business leader, entrepreneur, lecturer, CEO, pastor, teacher, nurse, student, artist, soldier, parent, doctor, volunteer, or simply finding your place, you have influence.

Your leadership matters. When you invest in developing your leadership skills, you also give back to everyone around you. You strengthen your relationships, build trust, innovate toward a better future and face challenges head-on with fresh perspective—not only do you thrive, but your family, your business, your church and your community thrive.

The Global Leadership Network ignites transformation.
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Our mission

To inspire and equip world-class leadership that ignites transformation.

Our vision

A generation of leaders who are equipped to create impact and make change in their communities across the UK & Ireland.

The Global Leadership Network is a community of curious, growth-minded, change-driven people committed to developing their leadership skills to maximize their influence for the purpose of igniting positive transformation.

GLN (UK and Ireland) has been affiliated to GLN (international) and aligned with its vision and mission since 1995, when we were established as a UK limited company and registered charity.

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