Craig Groeschel - Heart over Head

The fastest way to change someone's mind is to connect with their heart. Keynote talk from GLS19

The power of emotions in leadership:

  • As a leader, to really move you, you have to connect with your heart not just your head
  • The best leaders don’t let emotions interfere with business
  • Emotions are not only relevant but the catalyst to change and growth
  • The fastest way to change someone’s mind is to connect with their heart
Information: Here’s what I want people to know.
Action: Here’s what I want people to do.
  • Knowledge alone rarely leads to action
  • Knowledge leads to conclusions
  • Emotions lead to actions
  • Don’t change the message but the method in which we reach people

As leaders, how do we create the emotion that moves people to action?

1. Share Stories Purposefully

  • Stories stick, facts fade
  • People are processing what you say with one of two processors in their brain
  • Emotional Processor: Automatic and unconscious
  • Logical Processor: Control, conscious, functions slower and takes more focus
  • When you use a story, you connect the heart of emotions to the strength of logic igniting a powerful action
“People work for a what, but they’ll give their lives for a why.”
- Simon Sinek

2. Choose Words Deliberately

  • The words you choose determine the emotions people feel
  • Vision of values help drive culture that should be burned on our hearts not words on a wall
  • If your vision doesn’t inspire you, if your values don’t scare you or move you, they’re too dull, small and safe
  • The power of words, create emotions around values

3. Show Vulnerability Thoughtfully

  • You can do it irresponsibly
  • We may impress people with our strength, but we connect through our weakness
  • The moment you slow down and open up, you’re engaged on a whole new level
  • Your heart bonds and there’s a real power and connection
  • Show people what’s in your heart and what you value
  • Help people know who you are
  • Lead with vision
  • Lead with boldness
  • Lead with vulnerability