Just Leadership

Justin Humphreys, Thirtyone:eight

From #MeToo scandals to abuse in the Church, we’ve watched too many leaders let us down. What went wrong for these leaders? And more importantly, how can we get it right?

There has perhaps never been such a challenging time for leaders than now. All good leaders will know what the key challenges and pressure points are in their particular sphere of work, ministry and influence. But are we always clear about what kind of leadership we are called to, what this looks like and how the ways we behave should reflect the One who sent us?

From #MeToo scandals to abuse in the Church, we’ve watched too many leaders let us down. What went wrong for these leaders? And more importantly, how can we get it right?

Just Leadership offers practical advice and guidance to empower leaders everywhere to make a difference and answer the call for a fairer, more transparent, more equal society. Drawing on their combined decades of experience in leadership, Justin Humphreys and Simon Barrington explore what it means for a leader to be just, and provide practical ways to improve your leadership skills and create a just and more accountable environment.

Across the world, there is a heart cry for justice – but often the fight is too focused on the wider cause, bypassing conversations about individual leaders across our churches, organisations, charities and communities. The big question we should be asking ourselves is whether we see justice as driving not only what we do, but who we are? Are we confident that justice is partnered with integrity in the ways we lead ourselves and others? Can justice be seen to truly permeate our very being as Tim Keller writes:

Even in the seemingly boring rules and regulations of tabernacle rituals, we see that God cares about the poor, that his laws make provision for the disadvantaged. God’s concern for justice permeated every part of Israel’s life. It should also permeate our lives.

Just Leadership is for every leader – whether you are in Church or other Christian leadership, business or professional leadership or even a leader within your local community – who wants to build their skills and start leading the way to a better future.

Available Resources:

·        Book, eBook & Audiobook: Just Leadership: putting integrity and justice at the heart of how you lead, SPCK, 2021.

·        TV Series: Just Leadership(in partnership with thirtyone:eight, Forge Leadership, GLNUKI, SPCK and TBNUK).

·        Home Study Guide: Just Leadership(in partnership with SPCK).

·        The Big Church Read: Just Leadership (in partnership with St. Andrew’s Bookshop and Hodder & Stoughton)


Justin Humphreys

Chief Executive and Head of Safeguarding Development at Thirtyone:eight