Erwin McManus

Erwin McManus

Author, Artist and personal growth consultant

Founder, McManus Masterminds and The Art of Communication


Erwin McManus

Erwin McManus is an award-winning author and artist. His books have sold over one million copies and have been translated into more than a dozen languages. His creative genius has resulted in consulting work with organizations spanning from the NFL to the Pentagon. McManus has spent the last thirty years advising and coaching CEOs, professional athletes, celebrities, billion-dollar companies, universities, and world-leaders, and is passionate about helping people destroy their internal limitations and unlock their personal genius.

A native of El Salvador, McManus is also recognized internationally of being the founder and lead pastor of Mosaic, a spiritual movement that has inspired millions across the globe.

McManus coaches leaders, entrepreneurs, and communicators worldwide through McManus Mastermind as well as his groundbreaking work on The Seven Frequencies of Communication. His new highly anticipated book, Mind Shift: It Doesn’t Take a Genius to Think Like One, will be released in October 2023.