Lynsi Snyder

Lynsi Snyder

Owner & President, In-N-Out Burger

Owner & President, In-N-Out Burger; Founder, Army of Love


Lynsi Snyder

Lynsi Snyder-Elington has been named one of the most trustworthy leaders in the USA by the Values Institute, and the top restaurant CEO and highest-rated female CEO by Glassdoor. As President and Owner of In-N-Out Burger, she credits their people-focused values and team-oriented atmosphere to landing a spot on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list for 7 years and Forbes’ list as one of the Best Employers in America.

From the day Lynsi was born, In-N-Out Burger has been a significant part of her life. Her grandparents founded In-N-Out Burger in 1948 and to this day, the business remains privately owned and operated. Having always been a family business, Lynsi intends to keep it that way. Lynsi is committed to maintaining and enhancing the well-being of the entire In-N-Out family which now numbers approximately 30,000. Additionally, Lynsi directs and helps to oversee all of In-N-Out’s philanthropic efforts through the In-N-Out Burger Foundation and the Slave 2 Nothing Foundation.

Lynsi and her husband Sean are also the founders for the Army of Love, a nonprofit organization that exists for the purpose of uniting the body of Christ through training tools that will set them free to, in turn, set others free.